Bead woven earring handcrafted by Amolia Willowsong.

Amolia Willowsong


Sophisticated, artistic, and timeless, Amolia Willowsong jewelry is a joy forever. Willow, as she’s known, is a master of her craft. The exquisite quality of her necklaces, bracelets, and earrings is instantly recognized by discriminating jewelry buyers and collectors of fine beadwork. Each piece showcases beautiful, stunning color and texture combinations.

Willow has spent decades perfecting her bead-weaving technique. When asked how long it takes to craft a necklace, she’ll quietly reply, “about 28 years.” But it’s much more than time spent – extraordinary talent and passion set Willow’s work apart. Her distinctive style combines the Peyote Bead Stitch, a Native American beading technique, with her own adaptation of freeform bead weaving. This allows for the organic, undulating look that Willow is known for.

Willow sources her glass seed beads primarily from Japan and the Czech Republic, where they’re made by tenured glassworkers in small old-world workshops. Each tiny bead is hand-formed and fired with metallic oxides and salts to produce a lustrous surface and clean finish. Beads with metallic coatings are fired with real gold, copper, iron, and the mineral cobalt.

Willowsong beaded jewelry showcases gorgeous gemstones from the world over. In her necklaces and bracelets, Willow uses a hand-stitched leather-back technique to affix gems into the beads. You’ll always see Willow’s written signature somewhere on the leather backing.

Willow’s jewelry is hand-crafted by her alone, without the help of assistants or apprentices. Wear your unique piece often and enjoy.

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