Earth Day illustration with animal by Elizabeth McAfee.

Elizabeth McAfee

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Elizabeth McAfee, a lifelong artist, has a soft spot for creating captivating depictions of animals, a subject she’s always loved. With both a BA and MA in Literature, Elizabeth draws deep inspiration from the pages of her favorite books. A shining star in her artwork is Sandy, an adorable yellow tabby who graced the McAfee household with love and companionship for 18 1/2 years, until his passing in July 2003. Her love for Sandy is beautifully immortalized in many of her paintings.

Elizabeth lived in Asheville with her author/teacher husband, John P. McAfee, for over 30 years. She now lives down the road a little on the outskirts of Hendersonville, NC. Her work has been showcased at many southeastern art and craft shows, delighting thousands of collectors from all over the world.


Artist Statement

“I’ve pondered the meaning of what I’ve experienced on this trip through time and space, and while awaiting the moment to step off this stage, I have tried to respond with paper, acrylic paint, and often humor to things I’ve seen, felt, and imagined, Places I’ve lived, books I’ve read, animals I’ve loved, songs, TV shows, people, colors, the whole swirl of my life, have been expressed somehow in my images.”

“If you want to know the writer, read his books. If you want to know the artist, look at her paintings.”

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