Topaz ring handcrafted by Micki Chaet.

Micki Chaet

Fine Artisan JEWELRY

Micki Chaet started her creative adventure at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, where she dove into the world of graphic design and fashion illustration. Her journey continued with travels abroad, filling her creative toolbox with a wealth of inspiration and motifs that she now incorporates into her stunning jewelry designs. Her time in Europe, a hub for exceptional craftsmanship, sparked a new vision in Micki for her future possibilities.

After her travels abroad, Micki returned to her academic pursuits and obtained a Fine Arts degree from the University of Southern Illinois. Her adventurous spirit led her to Los Angeles and San Francisco, where she lived and worked as a fine jeweler from 1986 to 2002. During her career progression, Micki was fortunate to acquire knowledge from renowned jewelers such as Kent Raible, Janet Alix, and Glen Leher.

Micki’s jewelry is distinguished by its unique designs, decorative gold work, and heirloom quality, setting it apart from “the everyday ordinary.” Esteemed individuals like George Lucas and Amy Tan, along with numerous private collectors, have acquired her pieces. The appeal of Micki’s work becomes clear upon viewing it; it presents a distinct blend of influences that create a refreshing aesthetic. Observers may identify elements of Art Deco and Art Nouveau, while some may notice a clear East Indian influence. Every piece is a little treasure that captures the spirit of these artistic movements.

When she isn’t making jewelry, Micki can be found exploring the hiking trails surrounding her home in Asheville, NC. She has gladly traded her hectic West Coast life for the softer, gentler pace of living in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This serene lifestyle gives her a deep feeling of contentment and joy.

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