Madeline Parker

miniature books & Paper Earrings

Madeline Parker has always been passionate about handmade crafts, a joy she eagerly passed down to her daughters. When her kids were grown, she waved the corporate world goodbye and embarked on a new adventure in Asheville, seeking a fun and fulfilling second career. Here, she found her place managing the craft shop at the Folk Art Center, where she cherished her time selling fine handcrafts and working with artists. These days, Madeline channels her creativity into making paper earrings and charming miniature books adorned with found objects and treasures she’s collected for over two decades.


Book Art

Due to their lightweight nature, Madeline’s books require careful handling, particularly when displayed and stored. It’s advised to lay them flat instead of standing them on their edge. All proceeds from the sale of her books are generously donated to the environmental advocacy group Friends of the Earth. This organization strives to bring about beneficial changes in government policies, commercial practices, community involvement, and ecosystem conservation. Friends of the Earth fights for a more healthy and just world.

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