Becky Smith jewelry - assortment of nature-inspired necklaces.

Becky Smith Jewelry


Becky Smith is a native of Canton, North Carolina. She grew up on a working farm, where she learned the value of working with one’s hands. She is a firm believer in “make it yourself.” And she attributes that school of thought to her parents, who always encouraged hands-on learning when she was young. In high school, Becky started to take an interest in jewelry making. She quickly fell in love with creating wearable art and knew she wanted to pursue jewelry further.

Following her passion, Becky attended the professional crafts program at Haywood Community College. She graduated in 2014 with an Associate Degree in Jewelry, and afterward, she worked part-time at a local gallery. Five years after graduation, she was able to devote herself wholeheartedly to her jewelry career.

Becky’s studio is nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. She describes her work as “tiny stories frozen in time,” inspired by the surrounding mountain flora and fauna. Her sterling silver necklaces, bracelets, pins, and earrings are all hand-cut and hand-fabricated. Most of her work is lightly oxidized with a natural patina, and copper elements are sometimes incorporated in floral or background elements. Becky’s necklaces have an oxidized sterling silver chain with a handmade clasp. And her earrings are finished with handcrafted sterling silver ear wires.

Becky says she “feels blessed every day that God helps her to grow her talents and skills, realize her dreams, and make her mark on the world.”

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