Hand-painted pines ring by Faryne Davis of Fernworks.



Faryn Davis grew up on a rural farm in Western North Carolina. She spent many afternoons collecting tiny bits of nature, such as bird nests, feathers, moss, bones, twigs, and bugs. As an adult, Faryn still enjoys scavenging for and collecting small, incidental natural objects. Her passion for nature and love of the outdoors is reflected in her hand-painted jewelry line: Fernworks.

Faryn has been crafting with resin for over 20 years. Her art jewelry is hand-painted with toothpicks and brushes, embedded in epoxy, then polished into delicate, dreamlike 3-D landscapes populated by woodland creatures and magical symbols. In some work, she incorporates ethically sourced specimens and found objects into her dimensional layers of polished resin.

Fernworks jewelry is all one-of-a-kind and handmade with love in small batches. Keep in mind when ordering that there are always slight variations in shape, size, and color tone.

Faryn attended the North Carolina School of the Arts and received a BFA in sculpture from UNC Asheville. After taking an eight-year hiatus in the Pacific Northwest, she returned to Asheville with her husband and son. Her hand-painted art jewelry is created in a little studio in her backyard.

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