An assortment of jewelry by North Carolina artist Juli Mills.

Juli Mills

elegant Handcrafted Jewelry

Growing up, Juli Mills’ artistic sensibilities were inspired and shaped by her mother, a woman with a remarkable talent for creative pursuits. From sewing to oil painting to breathing new life into furniture, her mother’s classic yet individualistic style deeply influenced Juli’s artistic inclination.

In college, Juli was on a fast track to a business degree, but after taking a jewelry design class on a whim, she fell in love with “making” and “creating.” Her passion ignited, she instead earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design from Georgia State University.


Jewelry Collection

Juli’s jewelry collection is heavily influenced by mid-century modern design, a prevalent style from the 1930s through 1965. The mid-century principle of “form and function” is a key aspect of her collection. Each piece, from earrings to bracelets and necklaces, reflects the sleek, organic lines and streamlined elegance that define this era.

Juli’s jewelry-making process usually begins with inspiration from a particular gemstone–whether from the distinctive color or its unique shape. “I usually sketch a few ideas first but often go straight into making a piece and then start to think about building a collection around a piece or two that I really love,” says Juli. “Then I allow it to sit for a few hours or a few days to see if the design still appeals to me.”

Juli’s devotion to her craft is palpable in every piece she creates, a sentiment transferred from her hands to the wearer. Each time someone dons her jewelry, they experience more than just beauty, confidence, and harmony. They also feel the profound joy that Juli pours into each creation, making each wear not just an adornment but a heartfelt memory.

Juli’s studio is located in the historic downtown area of Murphy, NC.

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