Kathryn Adams glasses.

Kathryn Adams Glass

Blown Glass Barware & Vessels

Kathryn Adams grew up in a household where handmade and antique objects were treasured and well-used instead of being kept in a China cabinet. Hard work was celebrated, and getting dirty and sweaty was an accomplishment. Because of this, the act of creating always held a special place in Kathryn’s heart. Inspired by her upbringing, Kathryn now specializes in crafting utilitarian glass objects. She aims to create color palettes and shapes that enhance the spaces we inhabit, focusing on barware and vases.

Kathryn graduated from Alfred University in 2011. After graduation, she attended the Penland School of Crafts, an experience that introduced her to the vibrant art community of Western North Carolina. In 2012, she relocated to Asheville, immersing herself in the city’s rich creative scene. For four years, Kathryn took on the role of Operations Director at the North Carolina Glass Center. She also dedicated her time as a volunteer to the River Arts District Business Association.

Even after 15+ years of working with glass, the allure and magic of this material remains to her. In a world characterized by uncertainty and constant questioning, she says that she “‚Ķfinds solace in celebrating my role in making items I consider beautiful. These creations become an integral part of our homes and daily rituals, adding a touch of beauty.”

Kathryn currently devotes her time entirely to the art of glassmaking. Her work primarily focuses on lighting, barware, and other decorative elements. She finds creating daily-use objects to be a fascinating way to showcase the inherent beauty of glass. Her work features clean lines achieved through shape and color application, often utilizing classic Venetian glassblowing techniques to achieve the final piece.

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