Ceramic platter by Little Blackberry Creek Pottery.

Little Blackberry Creek Pottery

Stoneware ceramics

Lynda Gayle Banner and her daughter Morgan Hoover are the creative force behind Little Blackberry Creek Pottery. Their unique family venture is named after Blackberry Creek in Blackberry, KY, a place that’s close to their hearts and has been home to generations of their family. Lynda and Morgan now live on twelve acres that border the Pisgah National Forest in Western North Carolina. Their pottery is a beautiful blend of tradition and creativity, a true reflection of their roots and the bond they share.

Lynda and Morgan’s artwork mirrors the stunning, intertwining mountains and rolling hills of this region. Each creation sparks a delightful reminiscence, whether it’s a scenic drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, a solitary mountain draped in autumn foliage, or the breathtaking vista from a window at the Grove Park Inn.

“I hope to communicate my love of the land and the raw clay from which my pieces are formed,” says Lynda. “Most people tell me that they’re drawn to my pottery because of the rich, saturated glaze colors. I get great pleasure from hearing their response when they view my complex textures and dense combination of glazes. It’s my sincere hope that the vessels I create are used and loved, not set on a shelf to be admired from afar.”

Little Blackberry Creek Pottery is your go-to for all celebrations and occasions! Whether it’s hand-thrown mugs for your morning coffee, sweet berry bowls for those summer desserts, pasta and salad bowls for family meals, or platters that make serving at parties a breeze, they’ve got you covered.

All of their handcrafted pottery is dishwasher and microwave-safe.

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