Lucy Boyd

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Lucy Boyd is a puppet and toy maker who began designing and making her stuffed creations in 1967. Even at the age of 90, she’s still crafting joy!

Originally a schoolteacher, Lucy just wanted to bring high-quality, affordable, and huggable toys to kids. But guess what? Her little hobby soon bloomed into a full-time puppet and toy business, and her exceptional work didn’t go unnoticed. She soon began receiving numerous accolades and awards from some of the best art and craft festivals across the nation.

Though she started with children in mind, her enchanting puppets and toys have become treasured gifts for people of all ages.


Puppet & Stuffed Animal Care

Please do not use heat when washing and drying! Hot water and hot air will damage the fur. Cold water wash (color-safe detergent, such as liquid Tide, is okay in the wash). Air dry. For small spot cleaning, Lucy recommends baby wipes. The eyes are federally approved to be child-safe because they are secured with a metal washer (not hot glued). As with all assembled objects, however, toymakers and manufacturers recommend that children under three be supervised at all times.

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