A display of leather purses and ornaments by Asheville artist Lyn Lyndall.

Lyn Lyndall


Lyn Lyndall is a third-generation artist, boundlessly creative yet grounded in “old ways.” Lyn’s medium now is leather. Her talent and technique are apparent in her decorative and wearable art. But something else is obvious: Lyn’s connection to her own history – and a larger.

Like her mother, Lyn is an alumna of the renowned Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA), classically trained in the American and European traditions of drawing, painting, and sculpture. Like her grandfather, a late 19th-century amateur artist and genuine cowboy, she’s long admired the iconic American West and the culture of Native American Plains Indians.

Lyn spent some 20 years at portraiture and illustration, set design, and corporate commissions. But then she changed things up. Lyn refocused her PAFA background on leather, learning how to punch, sew, lace, strip fringe, and paint animal hides. Inspired by her study of Native American ceremonial robes, medicine bags, and garments, Lyn seems to tap into “animal spirits,” real and imaginary. When you touch one of her dragon eye purses or dangle a Monarch wing earring, often made with repurposed leather … you’ll feel it, too.

Lyn says, “All my skill, creativity, and energy goes into each piece I create. I know of only a handful of artists who paint on leather and suede.” She credits old friend and teacher Lance Many Crows for pushing her to carry on the old ways, rarely taught today and hard to perfect.

A resident of Asheville since 2010, Lyn loves to travel, trekking around the world when she can. She always brings home new inspiration. Gallery of the Mountains is proud to offer her work to our guests.

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