Mary Lynch

Jewelry & Ceramic Art

Mary Lynch creates one-of-a-kind jewelry and ceramic pieces out of her home studio in southeastern Tennessee. Her work is a delightful reflection of nature’s palette. Think about the gentle hues and intricate patterns of feathers, leaves, and flowers, or the rugged textures of rocks and nests. Even the tiny world of insects has found its way into her work. Despite their small size, these natural elements pack a punch with their endless variety and stunning beauty.


Ceramic Art

Mary says that it was clay that first sparked her love for creating art. “It is such a versatile and expressive material. You could spend a lifetime working with it and never learn or do all of the things that can be done. Pressing plants in clay is my way of documenting my natural surroundings and keeping me aware of nature’s infinite variety.”

Mary’s botanical plaques and other ceramic pieces are crafted using plant materials that she personally gathers from her own yard or the charming rural roadsides near her home. Rest assured, she respects nature, and no endangered natives are ever removed from their habitat. She carefully presses the dried plant material onto clay slabs, which are then meticulously dried, fired, stained, and glazed, before undergoing a second firing. The final touches might include a bit of sanding or the addition of handles to individual pieces, adding that special charm to each creation. Her glazed pieces may be used inside or out, but they are best in covered areas.



Mary also works with semiprecious gems and silk cord and loves exploring a variety of metals, be it sterling and fine silver, 14k gold-fill, or even copper. She handpicks the gemstone strands and other components for her creations, demonstrating a commitment to quality and detail. She transforms these beads and metals into unique bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Her designs go beyond visual appeal – they offer comfort when worn, making them a genuine extension of your everyday wardrobe.

Mary says she enjoys making jewelry because of the close connection it has with the person wearing it. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about sparking memories, inspiring positivity, and adding a special touch to life’s many celebrations. When someone wears one of Mary’s creations, she dreams they feel a surge of self-love and experience immense joy and cherished memories.

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