Artisan-made Apple watch band by Marry Timmer in North Carolina.

Mary Timmer

pearls, precious stones, fine gold & silver

Ever since Mary Timmer began metalsmithing in 1996, contemporary yet classic designs have been at the heart of her jewelry. Following a three-year apprenticeship with a renowned jewelry gallery in her hometown of Chapel Hill, she forged ahead by building her technical knowledge and proficiency through additional education and production work for other distinguished jewelers in the Asheville area.

In 2002, Mary established her own creative path with Timmer Designs. Using sterling silver with gold accents for the basis of most pieces, she then adds the beautiful luster of pearls and the shimmer of precious stones to achieve a simple elegance: classic designs that stay in style with graceful lines and fluid shapes. She expresses her style of jewelry through her own personal combination of forging and fabricating by hand.

Mary received a BFA in Art Education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and continued her education in jewelry with classes at Penland School of Craft as well as a specialists’ degree in Professional Crafts Jewelry from Haywood Community College. She is a member of The Southern Highland Craft Guild, The Piedmont Craftsmen Guild, and The Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild. She also teaches classes at John C. Campbell Folk School near Brasstown, NC. She participates in juried art shows around the US, and her work is sold in galleries both locally and nationally.

Mary’s passion for creating jewelry reverberates through every phase of her process. From the initial spark of inspiration to the formulation of the concept and design, and finally, to the exhilarating moment when she holds the completed piece in her hands. Her aspiration is that every individual who adorns her creations establishes a unique bond with the piece, experiencing the same level of gratification in wearing it that she experienced in crafting it.


Artist’s Statement

“Every time I create a piece of jewelry, I am working to uncover the softness in metal. My style is expressed by using a unique combination of forging and hand fabricating, as well as layers of texture. I love creating pieces that people want to touch and that have a natural warmth of their own. With a variety of unusual pearls, precious stones, and fine gold and silver, I am able to accomplish my goal of creating elegant, finely crafted, original jewelry of the highest quality.”

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