A ceramic chocolate chip cookie baking dish by McNeill's Pottery.
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McNeill’s Pottery


McNeill’s Pottery was established in 1995 in Seagrove, NC,  a small town considered the “Handmade Pottery Capital of the United States.” A family-owned and operated business, the McNeills specialize in functional pottery and decorative works of art.

What started as an idea for Sharon McNeill and her daughter, Windy Wallace, to work together from home soon became a thriving pottery business. After spending time learning the tools of the trade, Sharon’s husband, Jerry, and their son, Garrett, soon joined the family business.

The McNeill’s handle all aspects of their business, from designing and throwing pots to glazing and firing. All the glaze colors are original and are created and mixed at their shop to provide a unique finish. Their pottery is lead-free, dishwasher, microwavable, and oven-safe.

Today, McNeill’s Pottery is owned by Windy and Garrett, although their parents, Jerry and Sharon, continue to play an essential role in the family business. They are also joined by Windy’s daughter, Chesney, and her daughter-in-law, Madison. The McNeill’s say they “look forward to the upcoming 3rd and 4th generation of potters, who we are sure will add their own special talents to our business.”

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