Blue fiber art earrings by Hendersonville, NC artist Michele Tway.

Michele Tway

Fiber Art Earrings

Michele Tway is a remarkable fourth-generation fiber artist who has been playing with fabric, beads, needles, and hooks since she was nine years old. Of all the mediums she’s tried, entwining materials together with crochet hooks gives her the most joy. Michele loves the challenge of working with tiny crochet hooks and even tinier threads. She has adapted traditional doily and lace-making techniques to create little wearable pieces of art. She makes her micro-crochet earrings with sewing thread and a tiny 0.6mm hook, while her crochet earrings are generally made with a 0.9mm or 1.0mm hook.

Michele pours her heart into each design, often blending multiple fiber arts disciplines in a single piece. In 2021, she added a number of needle-tatted designs to her line, enriching her earring collection even further. Her starched earrings, from inception to completion, typically demand two days of dedicated craftsmanship. With a treasure trove of original patterns to her name and almost 20 years of sharing her crochet wisdom, Michele’s passion for fiber art is truly inspiring.


Jewelry Care

To keep earrings looking their best, please keep them dry and store them where they won’t get creased or twisted by heavier jewelry.

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