Handcrafted wooden tops by North Carolina artist Ron Thompson.

Ron Thompson

wooden kitchenware & Toys

Bryson City, NC, artisan Ron Thompson crafts exquisite wooden products by hand. His collection spans from practical bowls to charming wine stoppers and delightful children’s toys. These pieces are not only functional but also serve as lovely additions to your home decor or as thoughtful gifts. Rest assured, all bowls are food-safe and finished naturally to accommodate everything from salads and rice to nuts and candles. Enjoy the blend of artistry and utility that Ron brings to your home!

Wood Care

Maintaining your wooden item requires occasional oiling with walnut oil, a product readily accessible at health food stores. This oil is distinguished by its absence of odor and flavor. Wooden items commonly alter in color as they age. For cleaning purposes, a damp cloth suffices. To prevent damage, it’s critical to refrain from immersing wooden articles in water or soap or washing them in a dishwasher.

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