Handmade ice cream scoop by Ron Weintraub.

Ron Weintraub


Ron Weintraub is a western Carolina woodturner who makes things that are as visually pleasing as they are practical. With one of his pieces, you could enjoy a great shave and admire your razor. Or write a note and find your pen something to behold.  And there’s more …

From fancy ice cream scoops to pizza cutters, Ron turns out work with skills acquired later in life. Years back, Ron worked in corporate America as a benefits and insurance executive. Before that, and after graduating from the University of Florida, he enlisted in the US Army, serving in Vietnam as an artillery officer. And before that, he grew up in southern Florida. But somewhere along the way, there must have been a feeling for wood and craft.

It was after Ron and Nancy, his wife, retired to Mills River, North Carolina, that Ron really focused on woodworking. He started making furniture as a hobby, enjoyed it, and then discovered woodturning. “I went to the Mountain State Fair one year and made a honey dipper at a woodturning demonstration,” says Ron. He recalls thinking, “Hey, I can do this.”  That was an understatement.

These days, Ron is known for a few sought-after specialties. His cocobolo (a Central American wood) shaving sets feature badger hair brushes. Ron’s individual razors come in a range of dark and light woods and use Gillette Fusion blades. Chrome metal heads are finished with Renaissance wax, unscrewing for easy cleaning.

Ron also makes acrylic-handle razors in many colors, including Clemson Orange and Duke Blue. He turns out simple neutrals, bold stripes, trippy patterns, something for everyone. That’s true for his writing pens, as well. And Ron makes a point to source all his acrylics from the U.S.A.

One other thing about Ron … he loves ice cream, particularly peach. Always best served with a wood-turned Weintraub scoop. Ron’s signature ice cream scoops are eye candy in themselves, each one showing off rings of delicious color, end to end. “They’re unique but functional,” says Ron.

Ron is a member of the Carolina Mountain Woodturners and the Carolina Mountain Artists Guild. Gallery of the Mountains is happy to have him!

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