Three Times Turquoise Pendant handcrafted by Two Silversmiths in Hendersonville, NC.

Two Silversmiths Jewelry

Argentium sterling Silver

Jerry and Linda Hunter are the husband-and-wife duo behind Two Silversmiths Jewelry in Hendersonville, NC. Their expertise lies in working with Argentium sterling silver, and their design style is deeply influenced by the aesthetics of Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Jerry and Linda work together in close harmony. This cooperative approach is the secret ingredient that allows them to breathe life into exceptional jewelry designs. Their passion and creativity shine through each unique piece they create, just like the silver they love to work with.


Artists’ Statement

We work in Argentium sterling silver because it yields gracefully to hammering and sawing. It is stubborn in doing so, however, and therefore capable of taking and holding as simple or as complex a form as we can imagine. Unlike traditional sterling silver, which has a pure silver content of 92.5%, Argentium has a pure silver content of 93.5%. This type of silver is highly tarnish-resistant, more workable, and harder than traditional sterling. Additionally, many people who are allergic to traditional sterling silver can wear Argentium.

After Jerry makes the etching of the design, we finish our pieces with sawing, filing, sanding, soldering, setting stones, and so on. We both appreciate beautiful gemstones and love incorporating them into our designs. We often choose a stone and build a piece around it. Other times, we start a design with a shape we like and then decide on a stone or stones to complement it. Working together every day, bouncing ideas off of each other, and then seeing our collaboration turn into beautiful jewelry is always inspiring for us both.

Our style primarily takes inspiration from Art Deco and Art Nouveau designs. We admire the architecture and furniture of these art movements and their influence on the fashions and jewelry of their time. We also draw from the natural world when we are designing, incorporating flowers, leaves, clouds, animals, and more into some of our jewelry. We hope you will share our enthusiasm and love for this medium each time you wear one of our pieces. We want our creations to be fun, beautiful, exotic, unique—in other words, wearable art.

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